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15 Personal Security Tips To Keep You Safe

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Personal security is something we’re naturally good at. I mean, who doesn’t want to be safe? But we’re also creatures of habit who’s minds are really great at tuning out the world around us.

We usually ignore, overlook, or never think about what’s around us as we go through our day to day routines. People wonder around going to work or picking up groceries and never notice what’s going on around us.

So we get complacent because we feel safe in public for the most part so we let your minds slip into our worries or our phones. Sure, it’s great that for the most part we don’t have to worry about it, after all it wouldn’t be much of a society if we had to constantly worry about being attacked.

The trap is the normalcy bias it builds inside us. Since we’ve went out a million times and been fine, our mind says to itself, then this time will be the same. But not every situation is going to be safe and not everyone should be trusted, even in a safe place. Just because it was safe last time doesn’t mean it will be safe this time.

Personal Security On The Streets

Do not talk to strangers on the street. This doesn’t mean you should be a robot who never has any human contact, but be aware that people will engage you in a conversation to distract or befriend you in hopes to rob you or worse.

When you are walking, make casual eye contact. Don’t stare every stranger down, but let them know you’ve noticed them. This will increase your situational awareness and help you be more aware of exactly who is around you.

Don’t get distracted by your cell phone. It’s impossible to know what’s going on around you if your face is glued to a screen. If you’re walking and get a text force yourself to be aware of your surroundings instead. Your personal security is more important than a text.

If someone offers you a ride or tries to sell you something while around their car, turn around and walk the opposite direct their vehicle is pointed. This way they will have to turn around to follow you. Get the license plate and description of the car if possible.

Staying Safe When Shopping

If you are in a parking lot, have your keys in your hand and walk confidently with a steady pace. Don’t wait until you get to your car to fumble through your purse.

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Always try to pair up with a friend in parking lots, especially at night or unfamiliar places. Many criminals are looking for someone alone and just having a friend nearby is enough to deter some attacks. Take a minute and tell your friend about some of these personal security tips so they can be safer too.

Don’t text and drive. Not only is it as distracting as drinking and driving, but scam artists now look for distracted drivers on their phone to get in a fender bender with because they know the court will side with them more times than not.

Try to do most of your shopping and other trips during the day. Avoid places known to be dangerous after it’s dark.

Trust your gut. If something just doesn’t feel right, come back later or go elsewhere for whatever you needed.


When out shopping, cover your purse with a jacket or items you’re buying and keep the straps tucked away. Make a mental note of anyone you seem to keep running into. If you suspect someone is following you walk down several isles or try to get closer to the cashiers and see if they do the same. Tell someone if you feel unsafe and avoid the bathrooms, empty isles, or corners of the store.

Personal Security When Traveling

If you travel somewhere , inform your family and trusted friends and give them dates and locations you will visit. Make sure you tell at least three trusted people.

Avoid train and bus stops. Easier said than done for those who live in the city, so at least continuously look around if you have to use them. Know who’s around you and who’s walking up from a distance.

Stay alert in large groups. Just because you’re in a group of people at a store or on the street doesn’t mean you’re completely safe. Watch for anyone who seems to be following you or working their way closer.

Safely Exercising In Public

Avoid running or walking with earbuds in. I know it makes your exercise more fun, but you’re a much easier target because you can’t be aware of your surroundings if you can’t hear. At least pay extra attention and run in safe areas if you’re going to exercise with earbuds.

Stay away from tall grass, large bushes, or rows of trees when running or walking. Attackers love to hide behind these for an ambush.

And finally, don’t stare at the ground when you’re walking or running. Act confident with your head up and your shoulders back. Make eye contact and look around from side to side and behind you every now and then.

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