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Easily Prevent These Senior And Elderly Home Accidents

prevent senior elderly home accidents
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It can happen to anyone, and eventually does. Senior and elderly home accidents can be life changing.

If you have arrived at the point in life where you are referred to as a senior citizen, you should not take this honor lightly.

You may be living a very active life and feel younger than you actually are, but as your body ages accidents can be more traumatic than they would have been twenty years ago.

It is important that you take precautions to prevent accidents around your home.

The following tips can be helpful to you if you are a senior citizen. If you haven’t reached that stage of life but have family or friends who have, please share these tips with them.

An accident can not only be physically painful, it can also cause financial pain. Spending a small amount of money on accident prevention is a worthwhile expense.

Preventing Senior And Elderly Home Accidents Before They Happen

Some of the most common (and most devastating) senior accidents are easily preventable.

Installing grab bars in your shower and handrails can prevent many accidents.

To make your home less of an accident zone remove the small, decorative but dangerous throw rugs you have throughout your house.

However, it is wise to place a rug at your door to reduce the chance of slipping on a wet floor. Choose a heavy rug that has a non-slip backing to place at your door.

Place a non-slip mat in your tub or shower. You might want to consider having your tub removed and a walk-in shower installed. They are extremely convenient and much easier to get in and out of than a tub.

Outside The Home

While the kitchen and bathroom can be the most dangerous rooms in your home, you can’t forget about the dangers in your yard and walkways either.

Keep any walkways clear of leaves that can be slippery when wet or can hide small rocks, sticks, acorns or other debris that might cause you to fall.

If you have a ramp at your house, it can be treacherous on a rainy, frosty, or icy day. Placing strips of non-slip tape on the ramp will make it safer.

Place nights lights throughout your house. Stumbling around in the dark might result in a fall.

Your walkway and carport should have some type of lighting too. Motion sensor lights are an option for your garage or carport.

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If solar lights don’t provide sufficient lighting for your walkway, invest in some type of light that will illuminate your pathway to the door.

Even Smarter Senior And Elderly Home Safety Tips

Rather than climb on a chair or step stool to clean high places, you can easily prevent the worst senior and elderly home accidents by simply purchasing a long handle duster so that you can stand on the floor and do the cleaning.

Have someone assist you with removing items from cabinets or closet shelves that you can’t reach without climbing up to. Put those items in plastic storage boxes that you can stack and store or put under the bed.

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