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Making Your Home Safer For Autistic Children

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Making your home safer and a better environment for an autistic child can seem daunting something. There are a lot of safety issues that you have when you have a child diagnosed with autism.

These safety issues require parents to change their home environment in order to keep their kids safe.

Here are a few tips for making your home safe for your entire family.

Make Your Home Safer For Your Autistic Children By Increasing Home Security

The first home safety issue that many parents with autistic children have to worry about is home security. Some kids with autism have a tendency to play escape games where they run away from their parents or caregivers.

This game may seem fun to them but it can also be very dangerous, especially if you live near a busy road, if they leave your home at night or if they escape the house without your knowledge.

Fortunately there are several ways to make sure your kids don’t escape your home without you knowing about it.

The first strategy that many parents incorporate is to add lock higher up on the door. This will prevent younger children with autism from unlocking the door and getting outside without supervisions. Another option that you have is to set up a visual door alarm at each doorway.

These alarms shoot a laser across the threshold of the door and activate a small alarm that sounds like a door bell each time someone passes through the beam of light.

This is the type of alarm that many retail outlets use to notify the sales staff that a customer has entered the store. These alarms are inexpensive and can be installed by you.


Windows and other items made from glass also pose a safety issue. If you have a home with older single pane windows or if you have a lot of glass items in your home these items can be broken and they can cause serious cuts.

Your best option is to replace older windows with new vinyl windows and to keep glass items out of the reach of your kids.

If you don’t have the money to replace a window, or if you rent your home, then you can install wooden shutters on the inside low windows so that they can’t be broken by thrown objects or by pounding on the glass.


Another safety issue is cleanliness.

Autistic children with toileting issues often create messes in their rooms by going the bathroom on the floor, smearing feces on the wall or by removing their soiled diapers and sitting on their bed or a chair.

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In order to prevent the spread of bacteria, virus and other hazardous biological elements you need to take steps to keep your child’s areas as clean as possible.

For example, you can remove carpeting and replace it with linoleum or tile for easier cleanups.

You can keep organic cleaners on hand for quick cleanups and you can create a cleaning routine for your child to learn. This way they know if they get feces on their hands that the next step is to wash their hands or use a baby wipe to clean them, as opposed to wiping them on the wall.

Once the routine is learned you will need to make sure that personal hygiene products are readily available all the time. This will prevent relapses to messier habits.

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